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Here it is finally!

The dessert cookbook “Got Cheese?” will be released at the very popular Hong Kong Book Fair on the 21st of July. (Click here for the details of the fair)

The book is about the usage of cheeses in dessert making. Using fresh cheeses like mascarpone, ricotta, quark, but also a few other matured cheeses making the desserts really interesting to discover.  The recipes are easy to follow and simple enough to reproduce at home, even for the beginners!

Amongst others is a beautiful cherry cheesecake (made from your own cream cheese!) and a good dozen of warm desserts so dearly loved by children (and grown up too!)

The book has five recipes for making your own fresh cheeses to be used in dessert making. For example, you can produce your own ricotta to make a beautiful warm Ricotta and Orange Pudding (one of my favorite!!).

There is a general reaction from people when they know the book is about cheeses in desserts. People are afraid of smelly cheese taste in desserts, but rest assured that these dessert will not deceive you!

The book is fore-worded by Bernard Antony (Cheese Master in Alsace, France – supplier of cheese to our 3 michelin stars French Restaurant Caprice) and from Jeremy Evrard (Cheese expert and Caprice Restaurant Manager)

Here are a few photos from the book, for your eyes only!

Griotte Cherry Smooth Cheesecake

Griotte Cherry Smooth Cheesecake

Apple Tatin and Goat Cheese

Apple Tart Tatin and warm Gratinated Goat Cheese

Green Apple and Quark Cremeux

A smooth cream of green apple and quark cheese.

Pear Soufflee

Conference pear, souffleed with Parmesan.

Ricotta Orange Pudding

The famous Ricotta Orange Pudding!

Enjoy the book and more so, enjoy the desserts!! 🙂


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New Dessert Book!


I am pleased to announce the upcoming release my new dessert book!

Indeed, we are currently working very hard on that new dessert cookbook with the topic of using fresh cheeses in the making, such as mascarpone, creamcheese, quark, ricotta and many more excellent and surprising dairy products!

With excellent desserts, cakes and treats to please everyone, the new book should be published (hopefully 😉 )  in July 2010! The final title is not confirmed yet, but i’ll post it as soon as it is official. So, keep posted 🙂

Thank you!

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“Never Skip Dessert” Errata

On page 132 of ‘Never skip dessert’, a printing mistake has unfortunately occured in the list of ingredients for the macaroon. The white sugar should be 54 grams and not 540 grams. Sorry 🙂

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